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Enter: the Aspirational Model, for the first time!

Tesla Asia Dominance

It could be all merely speculation like in 2016 or 2018. Until Tesla Motors does enter the Indian market, the domestic automakers can lever the opportunity to tap into the automobile goldmine.

Let’s talk about Tesla Motors & the Indian automobile market first.


In 2016, Tesla started taking pre-orders for Model 3, its flagship vehicle, in various…

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After Rejecting Elon Musk’s offer for Apple to Acquire Tesla Motors in 2018

Photo by Alisina Elyasi on Unsplash

Apple has been trying to develop a self-driving car since 2014, it goes by the name Project Titan. A recent Reuters article released details of Apple starting production of EV by 2025, though not yet confirmed by Apple.

Let’s break it down.

The first question that pops is, why is every tech company trying to enter the automobile market?

Our worlds changed upon the inception of personal computers, “mobile” phones and the internet in the 80s & 90s respectively. The concepts were already in application 20 years before they became commercial.

It is not about the next big thing but how technology reaches the consumer.

The realisation of the self-driving concept is the revolutionary leap for artificial…

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Multi-level-Marketing(MLM) or simply known as pyramid schemes are companies pledging people as ambassadors to promote products & recruit a chain of people under the ambassador’s wing to further the cause. Imagine a pyramid with business at the peak & chain of people tied to it.

Every element of the chain makes money off every attached element’s sale. Lucrative?

Tupperware Brands built its business on MLM by engaging suburban housewives to promote & sell their products. It was brilliant at the time, no one else was practically doing this.

It was all good until it wasn’t.

The social media boom brought…

Weighing Inspirations on a Scale

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

Lean Cuisine’s Weigh this Campaign (A Part of Creative Creeps Series)

About The Brand

Lean Cuisine is a brand of frozen entrees and dinners. Lean Cuisine items are required to meet the “lean” criteria of less than 10 g fat, 4.5 g or less saturated fat, and less than 95 mg cholesterol.

It is a brand for health-conscious people who want to eat whatever they want without worrying about the taste and stay healthy. It sure is one helluva concept in this century when everyone is measuring everything which can lead to a fitter version of themself.

When you come across such brands…

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Walmart X TikTok

Photo by Daniel Salgado on Unsplash


It is imperative for the shopping experience to get more social due to the booming creator economy. It means content creators would want to monetise their content in every way possible.

It would be like a live window display on your screen, only thousands of them as you scroll down! Imagine that.

Honestly, I don’t fancy it.

Current Scenario

  1. Brands currently create content & leverage the same on their…

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry & Meghan Markle have accepted a podcast multi-year deal(unknown amount) with Spotify.

The content is said to be mainly inspirational stories, docuseries, short films and children’s content.

The podcast’s first episode will air a story on hope and compassion celebrating the new year under the banner of Archwell Audio.

Spotify is going above and beyond to build the user base for its podcast. The platform currently boasts 340m active and 144m premium users. They did a recent deal with Joe Rogan for $100m this year, now this.

Apple passed on(willingly) on building its…

Yeti is no more a mountain myth

Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash

Concept of Cult Films was popularized by Danny Peary in the 1980s, who described them as films with a dedicated following. No cult-film is an instant hit. Cults are born over time, long arduous time. A reason why they are also known as cult classics.

Dialogues, costumes, characters, scripts and scenes are crafted with attention to detail yielding quality and re-iterated millions of times by fans, enough to etch them in the world stage. All the world is indeed a stage(another cult classic).

There are no secret formulae or frameworks to build cult classics. None.

Apple was the first tech…

It is served on tap

Photo by radovan on Unsplash

Is this article useful for YOU?

Through this article, we will talk about :

A. A short note on emerging spirit market in India.

B. Rise of Bira 91 — a craft beer imagined in India. A thorough understanding of the strategies implemented by the brand.

C. Takeaways and learnings from strategies of Bira 91 in
“Use this, how?” column.

India & the emerging spirit market

More than 50 million Indians travel abroad every year in comparison to 37.8 million Americans. India accounts for 104 billionaires and 759,000 millionaires which is 4th and 5th in the world list respectively.

Still, India is “perceived” as a poor country, thus a perception of a…

Source: The Billionaire’s way of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

Raising awareness and shaping efforts to fight a deadly disease

What’s this essay about?

Through this essay, we will talk about :
A. Social Campaigns and the ice bucket challenge (IBC).
B. The Evolution of IBC
C. Why IBC worked the way it did (psych).
D. Learning and takeaway to build your business & campaigns.
E. The impact of the campaign and why copying it for others didn’t work.

Helps the Brand Break into Bigger Markets

Before we dive into this adventure of how a brand by a “band of creatives” broke barriers in the dumb data-driven world, let’s explore the meaning of creativity.

Image by: @edulauton

What is Creativity?

Is creativity reserved only for designers & creators? Not Necessarily

Does creativity have a point…

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